Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mission 8: Synchronized attempt on FTW!

i'll try to get everyone on FTW at a certain time. I think it will start after summer break starts. Keep an eye on this post, I will add dates and times, pay attention!

AoPS format change

the videos are now located under resources, however, the link doesn't really work. instead, use the links on the solution to each problem

the ning blog is now destroyed


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is the temporary site.

I will start adding the posts that are on Ning to this site.
This is now the new site (if you don't know why, look for the newest discussion on the Ning blog).

Have fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mission 7: Mathcounts FTW!

go to FTW and play at least 2 games. give me your score as a comment to this blog. These 2 games can be created by you or joined by you. either way, get a feeling of how this program works. Also good interactive multi-player practice!

keep a lookout for any of your friends (aka classmates) and see if you can get them to join a game with you!

Mission 6: Watch and Learn

watch at least 3 vids from the Lessons subtab. I can't monitor this, but I will see if your stats steadily improve after you watch the videos. plus, they're entertaining too!

Mission 5: Amateur Status

try to raise your Alcumus score (viewed under Report) to at least 35. I will check to see if you have completed this task.

Mission 4: Try, try again

answer enough questions until you get a quest. then complete the quest. again, I will be monitoring your status.

Mission 3: Level UP

after doing questions, you will see the XP points bar rise if you answered the question correctly. Try for at least Lvl. 2 in each topic. However, I can't monitor your progress if I dont have your username. To find out how, look at Mission 2!

This is not hard, just don't give up because partial credit is awarded if you get it right on your second try!

Mission 2: invite friends (and at least me!)

to invite friends and let them see your stats, login to Alcumus, click on the Friends subtab and in the box, invite friend, type in the username of the desired person (you need to at least invite me!). I have invited everyone that has given me his/her username. I need to be invited so that i can monitor your progress.

Please proceed, i will post more "missions" later on.