Sunday, April 25, 2010

your report (under the report tab)

my fingers are sore from typing, so i'll keep this one short.

basically, the report tab shows your stats including problems right, # wrong, # given up, your Alcumus score (based on a algorithm that i don't know about), and your topics.

next to each topic(s) has the same breakdown, but with a bar representing your progress toward passage. When the bar is full, you've passed that topic, but Alcumus might still give you problems from that topic

Alcumus chooses your problems randomly, but tends toward ones you have trouble with (for me, Casework Counting). It tends away from those you've passed or shown mastery towards

it'll give you new topics sometimes, but usually not unless you've just started.

if you really stink at a topic or just don't get it, the topic will have vids that you can watch. Richard does the vids and you've got to love his sense of humor (remember, the vids are under the Lessons tab). After watching the vid(s) enough, click on the Get Problem link and take another stab at it.

For topics that you truly are bad at, use the vids and then change the Focus Topic (when you get a problem, it's on the right side) and change it for more practice (although Alcumus will probably drill you anyway)

have fun!!!!


congrats to those who have usernames!

no worries, AoPS (Art of Problem Solving) is completely free (unless you want online classes or purchasing a book from them!)

login at AoPS...

then click on Alcumus...

click on the Friends subtab under Alcumus...

add usernames in the box provided...


you can add multiple usernames (friends) and when others invite you, you can see their stats!

then click on Get Problem and start working!

quests will sometimes show up.. ignore those (unless you're really attentative)

if you get the problem wrong twice (or click I Give Up)

a solution will show up

i'll try to describe the other features later...

have fun!!


this earns you karma (the currency of Alcumus).

without it, you can't do anything (no vids, no problems, no bug reports, etc.)

commenting on a solution (the stars are at the bottom of the solution) will give you karma

getting a problem requires karma, looking at a vid (under the Lessons tab) requires karma (but you can comment on the vids), so don't waste karma!!

you start out with 1000 karma, so you're fine for a while

to earn karma, look at a vid and comment (by clicking on the stars) and type something in the comment box

this will give you 5 extra karma


explaining FTW!

FTW is an interactive multiplayer mathcounts 'game' (you know its eductational because of the quotes)
here's how it works:
click on the FTW tab, you might want to read the How to Play tab first because when you want 5*pi, you have to write 5*\pi (i think)

anyways, you can create games or join existing ones

you can even watch games if the game creator doesn't block spectators!

to create, click new game in the top-right and set your preferences in the dialog box

to join, click on any game that hasn't begun

to spectate, click on any game and click Spectate (if you can't, they have blocked spectators)

you get a rating based on wins and losses

explore more!!

(you can even chat!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Your first mission: get an account at AoPS

google search: art of problem solving

click on the first link

click login
click register

follow the steps

when you have your account, give me your username...

i think i can manage all of your accounts somehow...
anyway... after registering go to FTW (for the win) or Alcumus and have fun!
my username is: mathrocks11